Problem… The world has 664 MM people suffering from hearing loss and is expected to grow to 700 MM by 2025. The primary reason is due to aging, noise exposure and ear disease. This lack of hearing health care will only become worse, as it is estimated that 50 MM people within the US will have a hearing loss by 2025. Of the current 30 MM people in the US experiencing hearing loss, 54% are over the age of 65 Hearing loss is the 3rd most prevalent chronic condition among older citizens in the United States, after hypertension and arthritis.   Hearing loss, if not treated, significantly impacts health, and educational success thus resulting in the reduced ability to achieve economic success. 

Solution: The Cloud-Hear™ System addresses the problem of global and rural access to hearing care by enabling diagnostic testing by an audiologist over an Internet connection. This server-based technology allows patients to have their hearing tested, along with the hearing healthcare and treatment they need by going to a locally equipped clinic. Our patented technology is scalable to any size practice or company.

Who are we? WebHearing™ is a software startup providing a fully integrated (hardware and software) proprietary solution enabling audiologists to administer diagnostic audiological procedures to patients via the Internet. The Cloud-Hear™ system is a telecommunication technology that can facilitate remote access to patients and do so in the most scalable and cost efficient manner. We have developed a hardware component for connecting audiometric devices to the Internet and a web-based software solution that will allow an audiologist to interact with the patient (audio and video), control the audiometer, and administer a range of diagnostic procedures. A key tenet of this offering is its cost effectiveness, providing the greatest amount of flexibility and scalability for practitioners.